upcoming sessions on modern german philosophy at the pacific apa

later this month I’ll be at the Pacific APA in San Francisco — spent the lunch break flipping through the final program (pdf), and there are //way// too many interesting sessions, on modern german philosophy and apparently everything else — Pacific APA is just the best APA. (full disclosure: the author of this post is a member of the Pacific APA program committee.  but still.)

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Wednesday Mar 30

Right off the bat Wednesday morning 9am-12pm, there’s an Author-Meets-Critics session on Kate Withy‘s (Georgetown) new book, Heidegger on Being Uncanny (Harvard), with comments by Lauren Freeman (Louisville), Leslie MacAvoy (East Tennessee), and Matthew Shockey (Indiana-South Bend).

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This unfortunately conflicts with a great-looking session on Hegel (also 9-12), featuring one of our current PhD students (Peter Yong):

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Weds after lunch (1-4pm) there’s another AMC session on the fantastic new book by my dear colleague Lucy Allais (UCSD/Wits), Manifest Reality: Kant’s idealism and his realism (Oxford), with comments by Lanier Anderson (Stanford), Anil Gomes (Oxford), and Karl Schafer (UC Irvine) — and with Henry Allison (UCSD) presiding.

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This session will end a few minutes early, so as to let Henry (and the rest of us) head over to the North American Kant Society (NAKS)-organized AMC session at 4-6pm, on Henry’s own latest contribution to Kant-studies: Kant’s Transcendental Deduction (Oxford), with Lucy swapping roles with Henry to chair his session, and with Karl Ameriks (Notre Dame) and Paul Guyer (Brown) giving comments — promises to be quite a memorable event.

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Unfortunately this conflicts with a colloquium on Herder and Kant, also Weds 4-6pm:

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Later Weds evening (6-9pm) the Society for German Idealism is holding its group meeting, with papers on Du Bois, Hegel, and other post-Kantians:

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Thursday March 31

The first session Thurs morning (9am-12pm) has a Symposium on modern german philosophy and the poetry of Novalis, the Romantics, and Rilke, with James Reid (Metropolitan State, Denver), Dalia Nassar (Sydney), Richard Eldridge (Swarthmore), and Luke Fischer (Sydney).

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At the same time (9am-12pm) there’s an AMC on Stephen Palmquist‘s (Hong Kong Baptist) Comprehensive Commentary on Kant’s Religion (Wiley Blackwell), with Christina Drogalis (Santa Clara), Ronald Green (Dartmouth) and Susan Meld Shell (Boston College) as critics.

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Thurs after lunch (1-4pm) there’s a Symposium on post-Kantian theories of concepts, with Sandra Lapointe (McMaster), Lydia Patton (Virginia Tech), Erich Reck (UC Riverside), and Jeremy Heis (UC Irvine LPS) — with Richard Zach (Calgary) making sure things stay post-.

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Thurs eve (6-9pm) the Society for Systematic Philosophy will have a Group Session on Hegel and Spinoza:

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Friday April 1

The first morning slot on Friday (9am-12pm) has an AMC session on Rocío Zambrana‘s (Oregon) slender new book, Hegel’s Theory of Intelligibility (Chicago), with comments from Karen Ng (Vanderbilt), Paul Redding (Sydney), and Christopher Yeomans (Purdue) — and Eric Watkins (UCSD) directing traffic.

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After lunch (Friday 1-4pm) there’s a companion panel to the post-Kantian session, now on Kant’s own theory of concepts, with Colin McLear (Nebraska), Thomas Land (Ryerson), Huaping Lu-Adler (Georgetown), and Nick Stang (Toronto) — and Ralf Bader (Oxford) overseeing.

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Friday actually has a Nick/Ralf double-feature, as the evening (7-10pm) has a NAKS-sponsored AMC session on Nick’s forthcoming book, Kant’s Modal Metaphysics (Oxford), with Ralf, Uygar Abaci (Richmond), Andrew Chignell (Cornell), and Tobias Rosefeldt (Humboldt) offering critiques, and Helga Varden (Illinois) keeping it all in order (good luck, Helga!).

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Saturday April 2

Andrew and Tobias will turn around and start the Saturday morning activities as well, with a Symposium (9am-12pm) on Interpretations of Transcendental Idealism, along with James Van Cleve (USC), Jill Buroker (CSU San Bernadino), and David Landy (SFSU).

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Concurrently there’s a Colloquium on early 20th century german philosophy, with papers on Heidegger, Jaspers, Wittgenstein, and Husserl:

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Just after lunch (1-4pm) there’s a Colloquium on Kant’s idealism, featuring two of our (UCSD’s) recent PhD’s (Peter Thielke, James Messina), and involving one of current grad students (Rosalind Chaplin):

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Saturday evening (6-9pm), I’m delighted to be a part of a session sponsored by the Society for Phenomenology and Analytic Philosophy (and the California Phenomenology Circle), looking back on fifty years of ‘California-style’ phenomenology, in conjunction with a recent survey article that Jeff Yoshimi (UC Merced), David Smith (UC Irvine), and I have put together (forthcoming in a Springer volume on phenomenology in North America, edited by Michela Beatrice Ferri — email us for a draft, if you’re interested!)

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At the very same time (unfortunately), there is a session on Frege’s conception of sense, sponsored by the Society for the Study of the History of Analytical Philosophy (SSHAP):

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And from 6-8pm, the Society for Systematic Philosophy will host a session on the logic of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right:

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This is all in addition to a good number of papers on related topics scattered throughout the other sessions: Weds 2-3pm: Joseph Anderson (Central Michigan University) “Leibniz on Spontaneity and Grace”; Weds 6-9pm: Xianglong Zhang (Shandong University) “Home (Heim/Jia) for Heidegger and Confucianism”; // Thurs 9am-12pm: Alan Buchanan McLuckie (Stanford University) “Kant, Eugenics, and Human Nature”; Thurs 5-6pm: Shelley Hulbert (University of Calgary) “A Subterranean Adventure: Nietzsche’s Critique of Freedom and Responsible Agency”; Thurs 6-9pm: Nam-In Lee (Seoul National University) “Toward the Ethics of Renewal Developed Through a Dialogue Between Husserl and Confucius”; // Fri 11am-2pm: “Are We Even Fooling Ourselves: Self-Deception and Weakness of Will in Kant’s Moral Philosophy” Everett Fulmer (Saint Louis University); Fri 5-6pm: Emine Hande Tuna (University of Alberta) “A Kantian Hybrid Theory of Art Criticism: A Particularist Appeal to the Generalists”; Fri 7-10pm: “Mencius, Kant, and Ameliorating the Risk of Failing in Our Obligations” Dobin Choi (University at Buffalo).

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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