audio files from ‘reconsidering hegel’s logic’ at pittsburgh

this past april i was very happy to get to be a part of a great conference, ‘reconsidering hegel’s logic‘, organized by a wonderful group of graduate students (dan kaplanjack samuelaaron segal, max tegtmeyeralnica visser) in the philosophy department at the university of pittsburgh, with a great line-up of talks by jim kreines, rocío zambrana, paul redding, chris yeomans, karen ng, robert pippin, and sebastian rödl:

the presentations were all very productive, as were the follow-up discussions — many of the papers should be forthcoming in a special issue of the hegel bulletin in the coming months — in the meantime audio files from most of the conference sessions (including q&a) can be found on the conference program page — if you happen to take a listen to my own presentation/discussion, please do email if you have any thoughts/comments/criticisms/etc