upcoming sessions on modern german philosophy at the central apa

next week I’ll be at the Central APA in Chicago, excited to participate in several sessions:

Weds evening Mar 2 (7-10pm) I’ll be at the North American Neo-Kantian Society (NANKS) meeting on aesthetics with Samantha Matherne (UC Santa Cruz), Melissa Zinkin (SUNY Binghamton), and Anne Pollok (South Carolina), which Lydia Patton, Nick Stang, and I helped organize (more info and abstracts here):

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 8.57.30 AM

Thurs morning Mar 3 (2:20-5:20pm) I’ll join Terry Pinkard (Georgetown) and Brady Bowman (Penn State) as critics in a Book Symposium devoted to Jim Kreines‘ (Claremont McKenna) new book on Hegel, Reason in the World (Oxford UP):

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Lots of other great sessions to see (more…)

history of structuralism conference in the Inland Empire

ucr-hplm-structuralism-jan-2016very happy to get to be a part of tomorrow’s (Jan 16 2016) conference at UC Riverside, organized by Erich Reck as a part of an ongoing research initiative he has with Georg Schiemer (Vienna) — Jeremy Heis (Irvine LPS) and Sean Morris (MSU-Denver) will also be presenting — also sponsored by our Southern California History and Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics (HPLM) group.  the results of the initiative will be published in a forthcoming volume that Erich and Georg are editing on the history of structuralism in philosophy of mathematics.


kant conference in the plains

very happy to be a part of a conference today and tomorrow (May 1-2) on: Kant on Introspection, Self-Consciousness, and Self-Knowledge at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, organized by Colin McLear, with a great line-up of participants.  My own talk will be given under what I think is the longest title+subtitles combination I’ve ever used: ‘Kant’s Taxonomy of Inner Representations: Getting started on distinguishing inner sensation, intuition, perception, and experience (among others) – and also: what does ‘inner sense’ mean?’

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 6.05.32 AM

Feel free to be in touch if you’d like a copy of the handout.

charts from rudolph goclenius (part 4)

here I continue pic-clipping my way through Goclenius’s charts from 1613 Lexicon Philosophicum, to visually display one way in which various key concepts were analyzed/taxonomized in early modern German philosophy before Kant — this post will highlight terms starting with ‘G’ through ‘M’.




charts from rudolph goclenius (part 3)

another set of charts from Goclenius’s influential 1613 Lexicon Philosophicum, to visually highlight some of the conceptual distinctions recognized and codified in early modern German philosophy before Kant.  This post will cull from the entries on concepts whose Latin names start with ‘D’ and ‘F’. (following earlier posts on words starting with vowels and ‘B’ and ‘C’.)




charts from rudolph goclenius (part 2)

Continuing my collection of charts from Goclenius’s influential 1613 Lexicon Philosophicum, to highlight some of the conceptual distinctions that had been recognized and codified in early modern German philosophy before Kant.  This post will cull from the entries on concepts whose Latin names start with ‘B’ and ‘C’. (here’s the previous post on the words starting with vowels, which come prior in the Latin lexicons.)

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