mini-symposium on kant and cognition in synthese

very happy to have a paper included in the mini-symposium on kant and cognition just published (finally!) over at synthese; my own paper is entitled ‘kant on the place of cognition in the progression of our representations

eric watkins (ucsd) and marcus willaschek (frankfurt) also have a paper in it, entitled ‘kant on cognition and knowledge

there is also a brief introductory note to help situate the discussion [image above]

the basic claim of the importance of distinguishing ‘cognition [erkenntnis]’ from ‘knowledge [wissen]’, for understanding kant’s theoretical philosophy, is something i’ve been advocating for for a while now (in a ucsd graduate seminar in spring 2012; in several talks in 2013-15; etc) — in their contribution, watkins and willaschek develop a detailed analysis of what this difference consists in (to complement their recent essay in the journal of the history of philosophy on kant’s account of cognition itself) — in my own essay, i supplement this key conceptual-terminological point by showing how kant’s differing conceptions of cognition and knowledge are systematically integrated into his broader philosophical psychology / philosophy of mind, including his account of ‘experience [erfahrung]’ as a form of specifically ’empirical’ cognition, his doctrine of apriori cognition in mathematics and philosophy, and his account of the mental activity that contributes to cognition but is nevertheless not itself a case of cognition (e.g., ‘sensation [empfindung]’, ‘intuition [anschauung]’, ‘perception [wahrnehmung]’, ‘consciousness [bewusstsein]’, ‘thinking [denken]’; see also my related paper in estudos kantianos) — in the latter respect, my symposium contribution is also something of a preview of some of the material on kant’s philosophical psychology / philosophy of mind that i’m currently working up into a book manuscript, so please feel free (encouraged!) to contact me with any thoughts/comments/criticisms/etc if you do take a look at the article, as they’ll be very welcomed!

kant in asia 2016

very excited to be heading out tomorrow to Hong Kong for the 2nd International Kant in Asia conference — this year’s topic: ‘intuition, east and west’ — being hosted at Hong Kong Baptist University from December 17-20 2016 by Steve Palmquist (HKBU) — with great list of keynotes and speakers, including UCSD’s very own Lucy Allais, Kwan Tze-wan (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), and John Zammito (Rice University).

for any of you who might be in the area, come join us!  the conference will be held in the Council Chamber, 5th Floor, Shaw Tower, on HKBU’s Shaw Campus, located on the corner of Renfrew Road and Junction Road, in Kowloon Tong.

for those of you farther away, I’m hoping to (at least intermittently) tweet the conference from @clintontolley, if the wifi/firewall gods allow.