audio files from ‘reconsidering hegel’s logic’ at pittsburgh

this past april i was very happy to get to be a part of a great conference, ‘reconsidering hegel’s logic‘, organized by a wonderful group of graduate students (dan kaplanjack samuelaaron segal, max tegtmeyeralnica visser) in the philosophy department at the university of pittsburgh, with a great line-up of talks by jim kreines, rocío zambrana, paul redding, chris yeomans, karen ng, robert pippin, and sebastian rödl:

the presentations were all very productive, as were the follow-up discussions — many of the papers should be forthcoming in a special issue of the hegel bulletin in the coming months — in the meantime audio files from most of the conference sessions (including q&a) can be found on the conference program page — if you happen to take a listen to my own presentation/discussion, please do email if you have any thoughts/comments/criticisms/etc


hegel-kant workshop at UNAM march 31

very excited to join Marcela García (UMNSH) and Efraín Lazos (UNAM) this Friday (March 31) at their seminar on German Idealism at UNAM.

we’ll spend the morning discussing Hegelian considerations (drawn from Hegel’s ‘subjective logic’) regarding Kant’s conception of logic and the task of the Transcendental Deduction — and then spend the afternoon discussing some of my own recent work on Kant’s theories of consciousness (apperception), concepts, and cognition.  we are also hoping that this will be part of the start of a longer-term research partnership/exchange between UCSD and UNAM/UMNSH, focused on evaluating the prospects for German Idealism today, and tracing out the history of its reception and influence within philosophy in the US and Mexico — so, stay tuned for future events!

conference: logic in kant’s wake

Sandra Lapointe (McMaster) has organized a really great conference this weekend at Hamilton, Ontario, on ‘Logic in Kant’s Wake’ — very happy to be a part of it!

Here’s the schedule:


My own talk will present some results of an ongoing study of the use of the term ‘thinking [Denken]’ in Hegel’s Logics — I’d love any pointers or suggestions, from anyone who has thoughts about the topic!